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System Center Configuration Manager/Config Mgr 2007 and all others product System Center in wikipedia definition and history (for all curious) lol

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I browse the web and constantly out of curiosity I tried a few definitions on wikipedia, here they are: lol (If you’re curious like me, click).

Wikipedia definition:

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (Config Mgr 2007)

System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), formerly Systems Management Server (SMS), is a systems management software product by Microsoft for managing large groups of Windows-based computer systems. Configuration Manager provides remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection, and hardware and software inventory.

There have been three major iterations of SMS. The 1.x versions of the product defined the scope of control of the management server (the site) in terms of the NT domain that was being managed. Since the 2.x versions, that site paradigm has switched to a group of subnets that will be managed together. Since SMS 2003, the site could also be defined as one or more Active Directory sites. The most frequently used feature is inventory management, which provides both hardware and software inventory across a business enterprise.

The major difference between the 2.x product and SMS 2003 is the introduction of the Advanced Client. The Advanced Client communicates with a more scalable management infrastructure, namely the Management Point. A Management Point (MP) can manage up to twenty five thousand Advanced Clients.

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History SCCM/Config Mgr :

Product Revision Year of Release
Systems Management Server (SMS) 1.0 1994
Systems Management Server (SMS) 1.1 1995
Systems Management Server (SMS) 1.2 1996
Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0 1999
Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 2003
Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2 2006
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 2007
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 SP1 2008
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 R2 2008
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 SP2 2009
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 R3 ETA Q2 2010[2]

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Managing System Center Configuration Manager clients in a workgroup !!!

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When managing SMS or SCCM clients that are in a workgroup, clients will need access to a WINS server the contains the proper entries for the SMS/SCCM site systems.  If a WINS is not available, as an alternative you can edit the LMHOSTS and HOSTS files on each client to allow for name resolution.


Add the SMS information to an LMHOSTS file, which you can copy to each client:

<IP Address> Siteserver             #PRE
<IP Address> « SMS_SLP        \0×1A » #PRE
<IP Address> « SMS_MP         \0×1A » #PRE
<IP Address> « SMS_NLB        \0×1A » #PRE (Only needed if the MP is load balanced)
# « 12345678901234567890″

Note: There must be 20 characters between the quotation marks for each entry.  The last line (# « 12345678901234567890″) is there to help make sure of that requirement and you can eliminate it in your actual LMHOSTS file.

If your clients need to assign to a secondary site, replace the SMS_MP with the following:

<IP Address of Secondary Site MP> « SMS_XXX        \0×1A » #PRE (XXX replace with site code)
# « 12345678901234567890″

HOSTS file:

Add the SMS information to an HOSTS file, which you can copy to each client.

<IP Address> siteserver.your.domain
<IP Address> MPservername.your.domain

Both the LMHOSTS and the HOSTS file can be found in the \windows\system32\drivers\etc directory.  LMHOSTS will be named LMHOSTS.sam so after editing the file you will need to remove the .sam extension.

Once that is completed, open a command prompt and run the following command:

nbtstat -R

This will load the LMHOSTS file.

Thanks a lot to Ellis George