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What’s new in version 2111 of Configuration Manager current branch?

Commentaires fermés janvier 14th, 2022


Application management

Improvements to application groups:

This release includes the following improvements to application groups:

  • Now when you deploy an app group as required to a device or user collection, you can specify that it automatically uninstalls when the resource is removed from the collection.
  • More app approval behaviors are now supported with app groups.

Implicit uninstall for user collections

In Configuration Manager current branch version 2107, you can enable an application deployment to support implicit uninstall.

Starting in this release, this behavior also applies to deployments to user collections. If a user is in a collection, the application installs. Then when you remove the user from the collection, the application uninstalls.

Software updates:

Approvals for orchestration group scripts

Software updatesApprovals for orchestration group scripts

Pre and post-scripts for orchestration groups now require approval to take effect. If you select a script from a file, author, or modify your own script, approval for the script is required from another admin. When selecting an approved script from the Scripts library, no other approval is needed. To assist you with script approval, the following two tabs were added to the details pane for Orchestration Groups:

Summary: Contains information about the selected orchestration group, including the Approval State of scripts.

Scripts: Lists information about pre and post-scripts, including the timeout, approver, and approval state for each script.

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