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How to automate the Windows 8 installation process and fulfill minimum license requirements !!! Great Video Series! ;)

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Hi to all,

Great news, a new Great Video will be available on Windows 8 !!!

The subject is how to automate the Windows 8 installation process and fulfill minimum license requirements .

Use the links below to jump to another Great video in this series:

Demo 1: Automating Windows 8 Installation –
Demo 2: Installing Windows PE on a USB Drive –
Demo 3: Making Your Own Answer Files –
Demo 4: Preparing and Capturing Images –
Demo 5: Applying Images –
Demo 6: Adding Recovery Tools –
Demo 7: Maintaining Your Images –

Find additional Windows deployment training, sample answer files, and deployment scripts on the OEM Partner Center (OPC) website:….

(Video create by Microsoft Oem Partners) ;)

The Citrix Connector for System Center Configuration Manager 2007!!!!

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Just a post for you say that a white paper is available on The Citrix Connector for System Center Configuration Manager !!!!!

The Citrix Connector for Configuration Manager is an add-on to Configuration Manager developed by Citrix that provides integrated management of application deployment to Citrix XenApp servers and publishing XenApp hosted applications from System Center Configuration Manager. The connector enhances the capabilities of Configuration Manager by extending the built in capabilities to perform the series of tasks required to deploy applications to XenApp Servers with the same ease and familiarity used for desktops.

Application management is not a new business or technology problem. However, in today’s rapidly changing desktop computing environment there are many challenges that didn’t exist a few years ago. Managing applications is changing, or has already changed, from device based delivery to a user-centric approach that enables users to access applications and data from anywhere on any device. Today, users own devices, like laptops, netbooks, and smartphones, which are not managed by the IT department. Administrators must provide applications to users regardless of their physical location or target device and manage them as corporate assets. This paper will look at how the Citrix Connector for System Center Configuration Manager provides administrators with the capability of integrated and unified management of application delivery to both managed and non-managed devices (employee owned and even non-Windows devices) from Configuration Manager.
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 is the solution for comprehensively assessing, deploying, and updating your clients, servers, and devices across physical, virtual, distributed, and mobile environments. Optimized for Windows desktop and Windows server platforms, it is the best choice for centralizing management from the data center to the desktop. Configuration Manager is committed to delivering on the user-centric model – providing services to users regardless of device or location.
Citrix XenApp enables IT to centralize and manage a single instance of each application in the datacenter and deliver them to users for online or offline use, while providing a high definition experience. It revolutionizes Windows application management by virtualizing applications and delivering them as a centralized on-demand service to any user anywhere on any device.
Today, organizations typically have two separate and distinct administrative functions and processes around application deployment. XenApp and Configuration Manager administrators often don’t work together or communicate, even though they are delivering the same applications. Configuration Manager provides end-to-end centralized management for corporate owned and managed Windows computers and Citrix XenApp for on-demand, anywhere access to applications from any device. While organizations see the value in both solutions, the lack of application installation orchestration from one tool has increased costs, complexity, and risks associated with managing two separate application management infrastructures.
Enter the Citrix Connector for Configuration Manager, which enables unified management of applications across the desktop and XenApp Server farm environment. The Citrix Connector enhances Configuration Manager, enabling administrators to orchestrate the tasks required to deliver applications to XenApp Servers and publish XenApp hosted applications seamlessly and with minimal impact to the user. With the Citrix Connector for Configuration Manager, administrators can begin delivery of user-centric application management today.
Delivering on user-centric application management is simpler with a Citrix Connector for Configuration Manager enabled infrastructure. For example, a typical mobile user on a business trip loses or damages their laptop. Instead of cancelling meetings and returning home, the user might be carrying a capable device (smartphone or personal laptop/netbook) or could purchase a device and quickly gain access to required applications necessary to complete their business objectives. In this scenario the user is the focus of the application delivery.

For download the white paper clic HERE

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