SCCM | OSD Video Tutorial: Part 21 – Troubleshooting

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An new video is available for OSD Video Tutorial: Part 21 – Troubleshooting:

This is part twenty-one of a series discussing the Operating System Deployment feature of Configuration Manager.  This session is titled troubleshooting but focuses on options to enable troubleshooting scenarios versus specifically tracking imaging activity in the logs.  Topics include the phases of imaging and log movement between phases, configuring task sequences to support troubleshooting, enabling logging options in the various phases of imaging and more.

The video linked below was prepared by Steven Rachui, a Principal Premier Field Engineer focused on manageability technologies.

Link here:


This is the final tutorial in the Advanced OSD section.  Join us for the next section which will focus on servicing options and the imaging options available for Windows 10 in Configuration Manager.

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Update rollup for System Center Updates publisher

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The Update rollup for System Center Updates publisher is available!

What’s news?

Issues that are fixed in this update

  • When authoring or editing a file rule that uses a comparison operation for a file property, the update is not saved as expected.
  • When authoring or editing a Registry value exists rule by using the Default value checkbox, the update is not saved as expected.
  • Code signing checks for files during all operations in Updates Publisher sometimes fail to complete, causing files to be treated as unsigned when they have a valid signature.



How to replace SCOM 2012 expired/obsolete certificates (Gateway and management server)

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Hi to all,

In this post, i explain you how to replace expired/obsolete certificates in SCOM 2012.

Let’s GO:

1-Recover new certificate (See this for more informations) > Here

2-Click on start menu  and select execute

3-type mmc

4-Select Add

5-Click on File >>Add or delete component… >>Select Certificate >>Add >>ok

6-Open Certificate >> Personal >> right click on personal >> All tasks and select import

7-Select your new certificate and import in personal folder

8-Use MOMCertImport.exe tool (present in SCOM sources=Supportstool)

9-Launch cmd prompt with admin right

10-Type this command line ( MOMCertImport.exe tool /remove )

11-Type this second command line ( MOMCertImport.exe tool )

12-Select the new certificate and valid your action

Done ! :-)