How to Deploying the MED-V Client by an Distribution Software Method such as SMS2003 / SCCM 2007

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I find a great post to how to for Deploying the MED-V Client via an Electronic Software Distribution Method such as SMS2003 / SCCM 2007.

This article describes one method that you can use to deploy the MED-V client using SMS/SCCM. The method that is described in this article is not the only method that is available. Additionally, you may have to modify the information in this article as appropriate for your particular environment.

Distribution Software (SCCM or SMS) as an alternative to the MED-V Deployment Package Wizard

For many system administrators, there will be a need to deploy the client silently without user interaction. While the MED-V Package Deployment Wizard does create a streamlined installation, it does require user interaction and was not designed to be deployed via SCCM or SMS. It was designed as an alternative.

Installing Pre-requisite Software

Because MED-V v1 requires the Virtual PC 2007 virtualization engine, most MED-V deployments will require at least a partial deployment of Virtual PC. The Virtual PC 2007 SP1 installer (included with MED-V version 1.0) can be fully automated.

Here is an example of a command string to leverage with an installation script for Virtual PC 2007:

%SystemRoot%\System32\MsiExec.exe /i « <PackagePath>\x86\Virtual_PC_2007_Install.msi » /qb! REBOOT=ReallySuppress ALLUSERS=1 /l* C:\Build\Logs\VirtualPc2007.log

Once the Virtual PC engine has been installed, a required QFE update is also needed prior to the deployment of the MED-V client. Since this is an .MSP file (installer patch) we will need to use the MSIEXEC /update option as follows:

%SystemRoot%\System32\MsiExec.exe /update « <PackagePath>\x86\KB974918-x64.msp » /q /l* c:\qfelog.log

For more information on command-line options for installing Virtual PC 2007, please refer to the following link:


Installing the Client

All of the options that can be specified during an interactive installation can also be installed from the command line. For example, the command string below will deploy the MED-V client with an alternate local images folder as well as a pre-configured server configuration:

%SystemRoot%\System32\MsiExec.exe /i <PackagePath>\MED-V_1.0.72.msi /qb! REBOOT=ReallySuppress VMSFOLDER=D:\MEDVImages START_AUTOMATICALLY=1 SERVER_ADDRESS=medvserver01.contoso.com SERVER_PORT=80 START_MED-V=0 MINIMAL_RAM_REQUIRED=2048 SERVER_DOMAIN=contoso.com ALLUSERS=1 /log C:\Build\Logs\MEDVClient.log

For more information on command-line options (including all options) for installing the MED-V Client, please refer to the following link:


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