How to install and configure Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 Beta alias MOSS 2010! PART1

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Knowing Sharepoint2007 and wanting to know the improvements of the 2010 version, it is with pleasure that I launch as parallel System Center products; on me that this version looks very interesting

I give you in detail the new version of SharePoint 2010 and you do share some installation and configuration to make you want.

In this post, i explain how to install and configure Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 alias MOSS 2010.


sharepoint 2010 document office 2010


SharePoint Server 2010 is the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web. The platform empowers people and enables them to connect through an integrated set of rich features. This common collaboration environment provides a unified infrastructure, which helps organizations cut costs while allowing them to rapidly respond to business needs. SharePoint Server 2010 can be deployed onsite (also called on-premises) or as hosted services, and can be deployed by using virtualization technology or live instances. Whether on-premises or hosted, deploying SharePoint Server requires the IT pro to be heavily involved. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 includes a large number of improvements to features that the administrator is familiar with, and it also includes many new features.

Specifically, SharePoint Server 2010 provides the IT pro with:

  • IT pro productivity by improving the administrative experience and by giving the administrator deeper operational insight. This increase in productivity is facilitated by a new, streamlined Central Administration Web site, new capabilities to manage and monitor the SharePoint farm, and Windows PowerShell™ support, just to name a few features.
  • Scalable unified infrastructure that includes better control over server resources (for example, to improve the performance and management of large lists) and data management and protection by using high availability. We have also introduced a new scalable services architecture that allows you to effectively manage and centralize services like Search, My Sites, and Taxonomy. These service applications can be managed through Central Administration, and they can be managed and scripted by using Windows PowerShell as well. The new services architecture is extensible, so third-party companies can build services and add them to the platform.
  • Flexible deployment by providing a quick and simple installation and configuration process. The upgrade from Office SharePoint Server 2007 is smooth and predictable. We’ve also introduced functionality that allows you to manage how your users use SharePoint. For example, you can now safely allow site administrators to upload custom user code by using Sandboxed Solutions. You also have more governance control: If you want to maintain a centralized SharePoint deployment versus a more decentralized approach, you can either block those deployments through Group Policy or track them by using Active Directory® marker support.

SharePoint Server 2010 provides a very large number of features, and a detailed accounting of each feature is well beyond the scope of this document. This guide will describe some of the most compelling improvements and new additions to the SharePoint Server 2010 platform for IT pros. With this evaluation guide, the IT pro will be able to properly evaluate these new features and readily describe their capabilities to their colleagues, clients, and business partners.

Next, we will briefly discuss a summary of the new features, followed by a brief summary of how these features can be used to achieve functions such as governance and high availability. Then we will move on to the details of each of the pertinent features.

What’s News in this version:

Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010 includes numerous new capabilities and features only some of which are highlighted in this guide. Here is a brief summary of what’s new.

prerequis moss2010

Let’s Go start for the aventure in Sharepoint 2010 MOSS:

-In first step, you do have all minimum requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 64-bit operating system with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later OR Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005 64-bit with SP2 or later or SQL Server 2008 64-bit
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1 installed

Level 1 Internet browser options running on the Windows® operating system:

  • Windows Internet Explorer® 7 32-bit
  • Internet Explorer 8 32-bit
  • Firefox 3.x 32-bit

Level 2 Internet browsers options:

  • Internet Explorer 7 64-bit
  • Internet Explorer 8 64-bit
  • Firefox 3.x on non Windows operating system
  • Safari 3.x

Ok, after that, and configure a active directory domain and the target server, clic on Review Hardware and software requirements

sharepoint 2010

Clic Next for check with the preparation tool Microsoft 2010

sharepoint 2010-1

Accepte Licence terms and clic on Next

sharepoint 2010-2

Installaing preparing tool and Checking configuration…

If you have this message, verify your hardware and software configuration

If all prerequisites is OK, you can clic on Finish

Accept the terms and clic on continue

Select Standalone or Server Farm, in my example i select Standalone mode

Install in progress..

Select Run the sharepoint Products and …clic on close

Clic on Next

Clic on Yes and Next

Installation database and source in progress

Clic on Next


Specify a service account; don t take the domain administator per example lol.


and clic on Next

Clic on Sharepoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard

Specify Farm Security Settings:

  • Passphrase
  • Confirm Passphrase

and clic Next


  • the port number
  • an authentification provider for this web application

and clic on Next

Specify and verify all informations and clic on Next

DATABASE Creating and Configure…in progress….


Launch the sharepoint administration shortcut or the menu start automatically and select No, Idont wish to particpate and clic OK

Select how ti you want configure yout Sharepoint Farm and clic Next …….

After have configure all properties the Sharepoint 2010 server is available for works!!!!

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Site: HERE

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