MICROSOFT System Center Services Manager 2010 Beta PART2 | Connect to System Center Operations Manager 2007 ( Incident connector )

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Importing Data and Alerts from Operations Manager 2007 (Description):

A Bank company uses Operations Manager 2007 to monitor systems in their enterprise. The agents that they have deployed have been gathering information about configuration items that were discovered and as problems are being detected, alerts are generated. Two connectors available in Service Manager: an Operations Manager CI connector that will import objects that were discovered by Operations Manager into the Service Manager database and an Operations Alert connector that can create incidents based on alerts.

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In this post, i explain how to configure the SCSM connector for Scom 2007.


A server Scom 2007 configured

A server SCSM 2010 Configured

A account with admin right on server scom and scsm.

It’s Start.

Open a session on the SCSM server and

Select the connectors tab

connecteur SCOM SCSM2

Clic create connector,select Operations Manager Alerts Connector

connecteur SCOM SCSM3

Enter a name and clic Next

connecteur SCOM SCSM5

Enter a name, select  MP Operations system account and clic Next

connecteur SCOM SCSM6

Select Operations ManagerIncident template and clic next

connecteur SCOM SCSM7

Clic Next

connecteur SCOM SCSM8

Select close Alert and Resolve and clic Next

connecteur SCOM SCSM10

Clic create

connecteur SCOM SCSM11

Clic Close

connecteur SCOM SCSM12

Open a session on scom server and select the connector tab; clic create connector enter a name

Clic Next

connecteur SCOM SCSM13

Select All and clic Next

connecteur SCOM SCSM14

Select Forward Alert …and clic Next

connecteur SCOM SCSM15

Select All and clic Create

connecteur SCOM SCSM16

The connector is create!!!

Clic OK

connecteur SCOM SCSM17

And you can see the result on the tab All Incidents Om on your server SCSM!!


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