Microsoft Analyzer, Network Monitor and Protocol Test Suites for Windows 8, SQL etc…

Add a comment octobre 9th, 2012

Hi all, Great news,the Analyzer, Network Monitor and Protocol Test Suites (3.4) are available !!! What’s new? Microsoft Message Analyzer A modern message analysis tool built on: Flexible, multi-layer and endpoint tracing Packet inspection in Windows at NDIS, Firewall Stack, and HTTP Proxy Events and messages from any Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) provider Support for “Trace Scenarios”… groups of providers with filters -Analysis and validation of virtually any message type Network packets – Protocol Data Units ETW events – described by manifests imbedded in components Text logs – described by text input adapter configuration files Other sources – “input adapters” can be added for any other message Support for validation of message structure, behavior, and architecture Powerful, extensible viewing and analysis -Browse, Select, View Browse for messages from various sources (live, or stored) Select a set of messages from those sources by characteristic(s) View messages in a provided viewer, configure or build your own -A new high-level grid view High level “Operations” view with automatic re-assembly “Bubbling up” of errors in the stack to the top level Ability to drill down the stack to underlying messages and/or packets On the fly grouping, filtering, finding, or sorting by any message property Payload rendering Click HERE for download

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