Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer Command Line Interface (CLI) in App-V 4.6 SP1 (KB2497312)


Interesting, if you are a problem with the sequencer command line interface in app-V 4.6 SP1, read this post. :-)


ISSUE: CLI ignores AppendPackageVersionToFilename from a template – instead, the value from Options dialog is used.
When a package is created with the CLI, the value AppendPackageVersionToFilename from the specified SPRT file (in argument /DEFAULT:) is not used.

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Instead, the CLI uses whichever value is set in the GUI in the Options dialog:

Resolution Here


ISSUE: CLI ignores CompressPackage from a template – instead, the value from Options dialog is used.

If a package is sequenced with the CLI, using a project template (.SPRT) that has « compress package » set to « Yes », the resulting .SPRJ file will have « Compress Package » set to « No. »  The resulting package is not compressed.

The value from the « Output Options » on the GUI Package Editor Deployment tab determines the compression setting:

This issue only occurs when using the CLI and works correctly when using the GUI and templates.

Resolution Here


ISSUE: MSI not created from CLI, Package Accelerator Rehydrate when /MSI is used.

Create a package from a package accelerator with this syntax:

sftsequencer /packageacceleratorfile:<path to .cab> /installmediapath:<path to media> /outputfile:<path to sprj> /msi /trustpackageaccelerator

Resolution Here

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