Microsoft FTP Service 7.5 pour IIS 7.0

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Microsoft FTP Service 7.5 pour IIS 7.0 (x86)

Microsoft FTP Service 7.5 pour IIS 7.0 (x64)


Version 7.5 of the FTP module for Internet Information Services 7.0 Microsoft has made available for download.

The module has been completely rewritten for Windows Server 2008.

Here is the list of innovations brought by this new version:

*        Integration with IIS 7.0: IIS 7.0 has a new administration interface and a new configuration store, the new FTP service is integrated closely with this new design.

*        Support for new Internet standards: One of the most important features of the new FTP server is support for FTP over SSL. The new FTP server also supports other Internet-related improvements such as UTF8, IPv6 and the use of network bandwidth adaptive.

*        Improvements in shared hosting: the integration of the new FTP server to IIS 7.0 enables hosting of FTP and Web content from the same site, just add a FTP connection to an existing website. In addition, the FTP server now supports the virtual host name, which makes it possible to host multiple FTP sites on the same IP address. He takes better care of the user isolation, now it is possible to isolate users through per-user virtual directories.

*        Extensibility and custom authentication: The new FTP server supports scalability of development, which enables resellers of software to write custom providers for FTP authentication. Microsoft uses this extensibility feature to implement two new methods using non-Windows accounts for FTP authentication: Internet Services Manager and Membership. NET applications.

*        Better management of logging: FTP logging has been improved to include all FTP-related traffic, unique tracking of FTP sessions, subreports FTP, additional detail fields in FTP logs, etc..

*        New features in support: IIS 7.0 offers a new option to display detailed error messages to the user premises, and the FTP server supports this option by providing detailed answers to the errors at the local connection to an FTP server. The FTP server also records detailed information using the Event Monitoring for Windows (ETW), which provides detailed information for further troubleshooting.


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