What’s New with Configuration Manager R3 and vNext >> A New Video!

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A new video on the R3 version of SCCM and SCCM vNext news! Keynote Demos> MMS!

What’s ??

Jeff Wettlaufer was busy getting ready for keynote demos at MMS, but he took time to talk with me about some of the Configuration Manager announcements at MMS, as well as talk a little about the event.
There are two major Configuration Manager announcements at MMS. The first is the announcement of SCCM 2007 R3, which brings power management and desired state management to SCCM. The second is the announcement of System Center vNext, which allows  for user-centric software distribution, mobile device management and other, new features.

For see the vide, clic Here


Thanks a lot to Jeff Wettlaufer Technical Product Manager configuration Manager

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